Mindful Journaling Workshop

Do you want to get rid of overthinking? Do you want to declutter your mind? Do you want to break negative patterns that stop you from creating your ideal life?

Let me help you do that and more with the tools of Mindful Journaling. Become the best version of yourself by harnessing the incredible power of writing mindfully.


Mindful Journaling Workshop is a practical tools driven experience based on decades of scientific research on how writing improves your well-being.

Learn proven techniques that simplify writing like never before.

Notebook and Pen

Join me on the 5 Days Live Class of Mindful Journaling where I teach you how to:

  1. Release your Stress - Emptying the mind of the excessive overthinking

  2. Reflect to gain wisdom - Identify triggers and break  negative patterns

  3. Rewire your mind - Cultivate a powerful mindset to be the best version of you

Find mental clarity, peace of mind, happiness and wellbeing by using proven writing tools, techniques and prompts.

Workshop Strcuture: 5 Days step-by-step journey that includes:

Day 1: Introduction to Mindful Journaling

Learn how to use writing to handle your mind and the 3 secrets of Mindful Journaling.


Day 2: Stress Release & Emotional Relief

Build self-awareness and release stress caused by emotional turbulence and life stressors.


Day 3: Self Discovery through Reflection

Discover your true self and gain perspective through deep reflection.


Day 4: Rewiring and Mindset Building

Discover how to cultivate effective mental habits and build self-empowering thinking patterns.


Day 5: Learn to coach yourself

Discover how to coach yourself and use mindful journey to improve your life beyond this workshop.


  • 5 Live Sessions - One session each day for 5 consecutive Days


  • Powerful Writing Exercises and effective journaling prompts to master mindful journaling 

Wellness Coach



  • Access to research based quizzes and surveys to build self awareness

  • Powerful templates, worksheets and prompts to master your own journaling practice.